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So far, so good.

As this trip has been planned there was a real question. Can I still?

It has been since summer of 2019 that I have tried a trip like this. Fast moving, numerous cities, lots of sitting with folks, asking questions and drinking coffee. yes, I have made some other trips, leading retreats, teaching in seminary, and hosting (w/ Anna) gatherings.

But this one is different. It’s the old style. Lots of trains, numerous towns and cities, moving fast, long days and evenings. The question was real: can I still?

This morning the answer seems to be: So far so good.

I have learned that I must be disciplined, careful and wise. But, the reality is that my strength comes from the Lord, and him alone. It is his mercy. It is his grace. Glory to him alone.

Prayers for the journey appreciated.

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