14 weeks

14 weeks ago the enemy expanded and intensified its attacks on Ukraine.

Today begins the fourth month of expanded and intensified battle.

On the second day of the expanded conflict CEO began sending funds inside Ukraine.

As of right now, we have sent $100,462. May God get all glory.

Thank you.

Many have given. We are so grateful. Like our partners in Ukraine, you are God’s hands and feet. Thanks be to God!

Those funds have been used to send 98,573 meals…

… to bomb shelters, cities and otherwise forgotten and bombed villages.

Thanks to generous donors, over 8,000 have received shelter for between 1-4 days as they fled the raging enemy.

They have found a warm welcome, a hot meal and a safe bed. The vast majority move west.

Some ask to stay. Their kids play safely here.

Many hundreds are hosed by individuals in their homes, about 100 persons now live long term at our partner camp. They are living in housing that was retrofitted for this purpose as the war made the need apparent.

Our generous donors helped make this a reality.

When I think about this outpouring of love from total strangers, my heart swells. In 92 days, God has used us, you have trusted us, to send $100,462.48.

Glory to God alone y’all.

Thank you.

Please keep praying for peace.

Please keep praying for our extraordinary partners.

Please pray we can continue to send funds daily.

Thanks be to God!

GIVE: http://www.ceokids.org/give

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