Where food is scarce…

The delivery of meals is shifting to eastern and northeastern Ukraine. In these areas, food is scarce, especially where the fighting continues.

The movement of people also continues as families move toward safer regions.

The work of our partners continues, delivering meals, short term housing and meals, and long term housing.

One thing is clear. God is doing amazing things through these incredible servants of God.

I know that they would want God to receive all the glory. Indeed, he does. But he has chosen this group of brothers and sisters to do an amazing thing, the feeding and caring of so many.

Glory to God indeed!

From the eastern part of Ukraine…

To date our partners have delivered over 82,000 meals to desperate people.

At present there are 100 persons living long term at the camp without cost to them.

Each night folks come through for a hot meal and a clean bed as they move to safer regions. Over 8,000 have been served since the war began.

This is possible, largely, because of folks like you who have donated to this great endeavor through CEO.

100% of every dollar you give goes to Ukraine.

ZERO administrative fees.

CEO is paying all bank fees.

100% of your gift goes to feed and house these people.

Thank you for praying. God is answering!

Thank you for giving.

GIVE: http://www.ceokids.org/give

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