Catching up…


Over the weekend, in Ukraine:

Friday, April 1 – 1200 meals delivered to Kyiv.

Sunday, April 3 – 2190 meals to Nikopol (southern Ukraine between Mykolyiv and Zaporizhzhia).

Meanwhile in Hungary, 950 copies of “You Are Not Alone” delivered to key leaders in Hungary who work among Ukrainian refugees.

I shared about the refugees I meet at a help center outside a train station. I handed these 950 copies off to a brother who was a church planter in Ukraine.

As far as our trip, Anna and I are having an interesting time. The brief conversations with Ukrainian refugees about hope have been encouraging.

We took an awesome new train to see our friends Doug and Lea.

I’m noticing a lot about Budapest that is the the same and a good bit that is different. This new double decker train is a real upgrade.

Some things don’t change…

On Sunday Laci and I started teaching Hebrews chapter 10 at DelPest church. We’ll continue next Sunday.

Thank for praying for Ukraine…

Please renew your prayers!

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