How do I pray for Ukraine?

I’ve been asked that question several times today. Here’s something:

Pray the Russians repent and turn to God. Pray their planes don’t fly, their tanks don’t drive and their guns misfire and that they turn away from following that minion of Satan that they follow, and that he, like Nebuchadzer finally did, turns to God.

Pray that Ukrainian leaders are filled with wisdom from above and courage like Daniel and the boys, and that they have victory and give glory to God who alone is worthy!
Pray for this baby who was born in a Kyiv subway station tonight:

Pray for the brothers who lead the churches to stand in the strength of God and lead their people in the power of God Almighty to help one another.

Pray that we love as Jesus commanded:
1st God
then neighbor
then one another…

And yes, for one’s enemy.

In the name of our Creator-Redeemer,


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