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Christmas Day 6

In our linear time consideration of the Christian Year (a.k.a. The Liturgical Year*) we’re half way through the 12 day celebration of the Incarnation. The other day we spoke about the Magi’s journey (from Babylon?) being triggered by the great glow to the glory of God as the heavenly host sang alleluia!

What journey has each of us begun because of the glory of God? Perhaps you might profit from looking back, liking in and looking forward? Click here to learn more.

The psalmist clarifies. “Not to us, oh Lord, not to us but unto your name be all the glory!” Psalm 115:1

The Magi were likely under way and about 50-60 days from their encounter with Herod. They had learned and planned their journey using the texts of Jewish prophets as they awaited the signal. In recent decades Herod the Great’s building plans had created a sort of Jewish Renaissance (now under Roman authority) in Palestine. These Gentile travelers were bound for the renewed glory of the rebuilt Jewish capital city of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile the family more than likely remained in Bethlehem. Mary was recovering from the birth and Joseph saw to the needs of the family. We hope that by now, they had acquired more suitable accommodations.

We should not forget that there was still a required Roman ordered census taking place. The birth of Jesus would have not prevented Joseph from completing his duty of registration. But another preparation was also taking place to give glory to God, that of his circumcision and formal naming, to which we shall return on the 8th day.

* an interesting and helpful site to learn more is: http://anglicancompass.com/what-time-is-it-an-overview-of-the-church-calendar-and-liturgical-year/

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