Turning sheltering into thriving…

steps 2

Sheltering in place is an opportunity for growth. I’ve noted that before. Here are some more resources that are helpful steps to thriving in place…

A video with Dan Allender who shares openly about the struggle we’re in…  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

A great book on understanding and deepening your prayer during this time by Tim Keller…   CLICK HERE FOR KELLER BOOK INFO No book has helped me more on the subject of prayer.
Also, let me point you to the clear teaching of Sam Ferguson at Falls Church Anglican. His teaching on Psalm 23 last weekend and his new series on praying the Lord’s Prayer are very helpful.
CLICK HERE FOR PSALM 23 TEACHING  Some have told me that they found this to be one of the most helpful teaching on this beloved Psalm (It was my very first exposure to the Bible as I memorized it as an 9 year old in a neighborhood church VBS. Yes, there was a prize.)
CLICK HERE FOR teaching series on The Lord’s Prayer In this series Ferguson’s seeks to answer these questions: How does the Lord’s Prayer bring us into deeper experience in God, reorientation to God and rest in God?
Mainly:, I want to remind you to daily…
and remember that …
ps 103
So, rest in him y’all.

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