Being at home (3) a time for self reflection – updated

Yesterday I posted some ideas from my decade of working from home. In that bit, I mentioned that this might be a time for some self reflection.

This is a time in which we are asked or told to keep space between one another. For some of us that space is something we practice as a spiritual discipline.

Two posts back I posed this question: “During this time of hunkering down, what can each of us learn about abiding in the Lord through solitude?”

Well, today, as I said I might, I am posting a resource for you to use for some self reflection.

For several years scores of fellow disciples have used this set of questions to gain a better perspective on the last 12 months, on where they are, and on where they’re headed. This book is usually sold on Amazon (still is – this revision is being published). You can order the book, but as of right now, you may download the latest updated – and last – revision for free.

I suggest printing it. Curt Thompson, in Anatomy of the Soul helped me understand that using a pen on paper does something to ignite our brains. Set aside a couple of hours and begin.

I URGE you, I BESEECH you, to read the Introduction before beginning. During January retreat weeks in the Hungarian mountains, leaders get a four hour time of silence. There, hunkered down in your home, you might only have an hour at a time. So take it a section at at a time. That’s it. If you have questions, use the comments, I think I get a notification.

For printing:

USA users should use the 8X11

A Fresh Start – Retreat Handbook 8×11

Non-USA users should use the A4

A Fresh Start – Retreat Handbook A4

Happy reflecting!

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