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Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Two thoughts: 1) there are many out there who cannot celebrate today as most of us will. They are abroad because they have chosen to serve. Not just those stationed overseas in the military, I missed four Thanksgivings in the 70s while in the Air Force, two in Okinawa and two in Korea. Our Thanksgiving consisted of turkey and fixin’s in the chow hall. That was pretty much it for those four, so thank God today for those men and women who are in harm’s way as they are overseas today in the military. BUT, those servants are not all that I have in mind. For there are myriad servants who have followed a calling to serve abroad as, what we have always called, missionaries. Today, the vast majority of them will think of Thanksgiving but because they are abroad, they will go to work and school as usual because once outside the US, today is, well, it’s just Thursday. Many of them will celebrate on Saturday, either this coming or last. Because where they serve today is, it’s just Thursday. But that brings me to my next point. 2) It’s Thursday, and like every day of the week, of every week, of every month, we need to cultivate gratitude. Let’s be thankful y’all. Every day.

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