David Brooks says we’re in a valley…

Take 15 minutes to watch, then take another few to think and take stock.


In this talk he gives an interesting description of happiness and contrasts it to joy.

He is vulnerable about his own experience and uses it to describe the disconnectedness many live in.

It is a thought provoking talk that is worth your time and consideration.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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One response to “David Brooks says we’re in a valley…

  1. kevin oshea

    Brah, thanks for sharing the insights from David Brooks. A great word, and a great reminder that there is only one currency that matters, that is relationship and people, and in my mind our only chance there to fully flourish in relationship is to know that we have been loved first, allowing us to enter relationship with the proper spirit of vulnerability and freaking amazement. thx mate…

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