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A Memorial Day reflection…

In the midst of all that we may be doing on this holiday, let’s pause and remember those who have sacrificed for others. Women and men who have given their lives in service to our country deserve remembrance. Also, the many, many women and men who have sacrificed mobility, sanity, their families and, well, the list goes on. Yes, I know it’s Memorial Day, not Veterans Day, but there are many who didn’t die, yet they made great sacrifice nonetheless. Let’s remember them as well. Finally, for we who are citizens of heaven, let’s also thank God for our King Jesus who sacrificed his own life for our citizenship in the true and everlasting kingdom. So, let’s pause and give thanks to the glory of God.

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How can we exalt God more?

The longer I live, the clearer it becomes that I need to exalt God more and more and complain about my circumstances less and less.

Don’t misunderstand, complaining is natural. We all do it. But here’s where complaining becomes crippling: when I’m so focused on my complaining about my circumstances that I’ve forgotten about God’s faithfulness.

How do I tell if I’ve begun to drift into forgetting God’s faithfulness? When contentment has fled and despair lingers. This is a signpost that I’d drifting into the debilitating bog of self.

“Set your mind on the Father instead of your circumstances (good or bad).” This is the way I might give a blunt paraphrase to Paul’s urging to the Colossians.

So, when we catch ourselves drifting in the the bog of discontent, let’s pause, exalt God, and remember his faithfulness to us over the eons!!!!

Use the urge to complain as a call to exalt!!

Then, with a fresh recall of God’s faithfulness, we may renew our hope in him.

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