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Who to please?

In an encouraging chapter, Paul reminds us to please God.

To often, we make it our aim to please this person or that, or even those people.

We want to have a positive influence on them. We sometimes even that’s our job. Sometimes we think that’s our calling.

Then, when they, or the circumstances around them don’t go as we thought, we’re troubled, or worse, disappointment, in ourselves.

This happens when we have, to differing degrees, allowed our identity to be based on what we do (and who we please). Most of us are guilty of this to one degree or another. Some of us just need to recognize the impact of this underlying thinking on ourselves and our well being.

Who you are IS NOT what you do.

Pleasing people is like a drug. When we experience it, we get a little high. Then more. Then, suddenly, when our efforts don’t produce the desired effect. We become disappointed, and worse, depressed and confused, we question our very purpose.

So, here it is again:

Seek to please God, wherever and whatever circumstances you’re in. If people are pleased, that’s wonderful. If not, so what?

Lasting peace comes from a well cultivated relationship with our loving Heavenly Father.

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