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Struggling with people

It’s normal to struggle with people. Thinking otherwise may mean that we’re thinking more highly of humans than we should (especially ourselves – develop a healthy view of the Fall).

When we realize we’re struggling with a person, there are steps we are able to take to help us love them. Jesus said “love your enemy.”

1. Pray for them daily. God will use this prayer, at least, as a means to change the heart of the praying person toward the person with whom she struggles.

2. As you pray for them, remember the good God has done through them. This might be harder, but the harder you look for the work of God, the more God works on you.

3. Do something kind for them. But don’t expect kindness in return. If you get it, you’ve material for number 2!

4. Seek them out and thank them for something. Anything. Just be grateful. Gratitude changes our hearts.

5. Stick with it. It may be a long process. That’s okay. Hearts don’t get hardened overnight, they don’t get softened overnight either.

Love your enemy. – Jesus

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