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It’s a gift we don’t deserve.

It’s the source of salvation that begins our new life.

It’s the strength that keeps us going in this new life.

It’s a vehicle that brings God’s love to me.

It means I don’t have to measure up. Thanks God!

It comes as the outworking of God’s love and is the only true source of ministry.

It’s the way of the Light, the light that is the light of all people.

It’s freely offered to you, wherever you are as well as the university students from Hungary, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Iraq, and Yemen and the rest of of us hanging out in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I was honored to share how God’s grace brought peace to me through the finished work of Jesus.

Jesus + nothing = right with God!

It’s been a week of grace!

Grace can’t really be anticipated. We just walk on and rely on it. It’s beautiful when grace surprises us.

Like getting to teach a New Testament class last week to these awesome students in Vinnytsia, Ukraine!

Walk on in Grace my friend!

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