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It’s been a fast four days…

It’s been a fast four days here in Sajol, Hungary beside a lake that was once part of the Tisza river. The pic is taken from the back porch of the dining hall.

I’ve invested these four days with a Hungarian congregation (that is dear to my heart) and teaching/preaching using some big ideas from the Reformation:

Give God all the glory;

Christ alone can make peace between me and God;

The Scripture is my only authority and I must use it to measure all other teaching;

It is only the grace of God and only through faith in Jesus that I can be declared right with God.

We are part of a royal priesthood of all believers in Christ where no one is better or higher than one another. 

These categories help us think about our personal theology and inform our personal discipleship in obedience to the commands of King Jesus.

There’ve been good conversations and some helpful push back that I’ve loved.

Thanks be to God!

Tomorrow: next stop – Szeged.

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