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words, words, words, powerful words for us! – or – Read more, complain less.

In the twelfth Psalm we read about words. 

The psalmist feels surrounded by the faithless. He laments the conditions surrounding him.

Then, nearing the end of this complaint, he states:

“The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times. You, O Lord, will keep them; you will guard us from this generation forever.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭12:6-7‬ ‭ESV‬‬ http://bible.com/59/psa.12.6-7.esv

No matter the circumstances that surround us… grief, opposition, betrayal, we may always turn to God in His Word. 

We may run to the Father with a language of prayer. A vernacular that we learn to speak as we read and hear the vibrant, acitive wonderful Word of God! 

Then, with our faith renewed by God, we face the challenges of the day, whatever they may be.

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