storm warning and perspective 

Working at my desk yesterday, I heard thunder. I looked at the radar on my phone and saw this…

“Whoa, that must be right outside!” So I stepped out and this is what I saw…

The power, the height, the awesomeness of this cell…

But that’s all it was, a blip on the screen. Compare it to the radar map again.

It’s an orange dot on a zoomed in map. It could not be seen from out here…

See, it’s all perspective. Our loving Father who created the whole deal is greater and more powerful than this universe. 

And He loves you. 

He cares for you. 

What do you have to fear with such a powerful Father as he? 


So change your perspective toward God. Read your Bible. Pray. Make time to let Him be the basis of your perspective. Fear not.

But you really only need to read your Bible pray on the days you plan to breathe.

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