What people think…

A friend told me months ago about  the movie “Bridge of Spies.” I was on the other side of the pond when it was in theaters. I’ve been waiting to see it and as I crossed the pond Saturday, I saw it. It’s a great story of a man who stands for what is right no matter the personal cost.


At one point a Russian tells him that he reminds him of a man from his childhood “standing man.” A man who kept standing up in the face of opposylition.

Near the end, the main character, played by Tom Hanks, said this to a young man who clearly was afraid of what people thought:

“It doesn’t matter what people think. You know what you did.” 

– James Donavan in the film “Bridge of Spies”

What we think of what other people think can really get in our way. It can cause us to steer toward their opinion or pleasing them rather than doing the right thing. 

Seek what is right and do that. 

Let people think what they think, we don’t need to be a slave to being popular or well thought of.

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