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More and more I’m convinced that we do well to grasp the seasons of life and focus on them while we’re in them. First we must determine the season, it’s purpose and then how to flourish it it. 

It’s similar to a conversation about boundaries, or as some have termed it, margin: making enough space in life to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

Which means saying ‘no.’

But what to say ‘no’ to as I seek to attain that space to breathe and live a well balanced life changes as time marches on.

Stopping long enough to think this through may give me the insight I need to understand my season and that will give me guidance to have a sense of that to which I should say ‘no.’

Make the time, consider the season and say ‘no.’

The photo was taken in the library near the end of my last writing season in my doctoral program, I’m now in a reading season for same. Thus, with 4k+ pages to be read and 50+ to be written by mid-March, I’ll know how to say ‘no.’ So that this task doesn’t overwhelm me.
What season are you in? What are the things you should say ‘no’ to so that you can say ‘yes’ to important things?

Remember, don’t let the urgencies of today crowd out the important events that last.

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