someone will have to tell me I died


I was having coffee with a guy the other day and we were talking about an author that both of us appreciate. This writer has had a great impact on the both of us. He told me that it was said near his death that this writer said that “someone will have to tell me I died.”

The idea is that the Christian life is one of growing so close to God in our prayer, in our reading of Scripture, in our relationships, in our day to day life that we have gotten to the point where we have disciplined ourselves into the joy of living in the very presence of God here on earth.

This, I think was what Jesus meant in the high priestly prayer of John, this, is I think what Paul was urging us toward in his letters.

Being a Christian is not just about getting to heaven. Being a Christian is the kingdom of heaven now.

This I think may very well be one of the better understandings of Immanuel, God with us.


That’s what.

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