Uh oh, e-readers beware

Some interesting research comparing books to e-readers creates big questions for education. Read the Post article here.


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3 responses to “Uh oh, e-readers beware

  1. Tory

    I’m not too surprised, as I generally prefer print and have felt that it aids in comprehension. My oldest child (14) prefers print over a kindle or iPad. He is really hard on books, and has ruined a kindle by sleeping on it. (with a real book the worst that can happen is bent pages or spine!) Oftentimes, if the (real) book is near the same price as its kindle counterpart, I’ll purchase the physical book. But oftentimes kindle prices can’t be beat!
    It will be interesting to see if a child who has been exposed to reading from an ipad or kindle early on still has the same issues with comprehension. It makes sense that my brain is wired to best comprehend ‘real’ books since I’ve read so many. Maybe the same will happen with kids but with the ebook versions, where their brain is now wired for that medium rather than physical books?
    I’m torn, because I love the ease, convenience and space-saving of ebooks. But I do love real books too. The house we own has a wall of bookshelves and over the years they have become overflowing and we added a few new bookshelves in another room too. A few weeks ago a new neighbor kid came over and commented on how lucky my family was to have so many books in the house.
    Lately I’ve been buying ebooks. If I love the book and know I’ll want to re-read it again, or if it was full of rich, deep truths, or by my favorite authors, I’ll purchase the hard copy as well.
    In my family, there is room and appreciation for both ebooks and real books. Well, maybe not “room”. I am running out of shelf space!

    • Tom Foley

      First off Tory, great to hear from you! I’m headed your way in October! I totally agree with you on being torn on this subject, but my study really does not need more books. But a third point is that to facilitate the reading and research necessary in my program, I’ve found the page Amazon creates with all my highlights and notes is a helpful resource. I can copy and paste quotes right into a paper or talk or sermon. Can’t do that with a printed book.

      On Sunday, August 24, 2014, kingdom travelin' wrote:


      • Tory

        Yes; I just heard today that you will be speaking in October! I look forward to your visit. My family room (‘study’) needs no more books. 🙂 I am glad you found something that works regarding ebooks. I am grateful to have the option of both. I even purchased an extra kindle so I could loan it out and thus loan out my entire Kindle library to friends. Of course, that was over a year ago and I’ve not received it back!
        I love technology!
        PS. I’ve still been reading your blog and always get the email about what you post. I’m glad you are a consistent blogger!

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