Weeks ago when I was planning this trip there was discussion about dates and the the places I would preach.

Originally, I was to have been here a week earlier but as the plan developed and today was the Sunday I would be serving with the brothers.

As it turns out this was a baptism Sunday. Here are the 124 candidates for baptism who have had basic Christian training and have been examined as to the sincerity of their faith:


The Pentecostal church buildings in town were empty today because this is the Sunday when they all come together at the lake for singing, preaching and the baptisms. I am told there are several thousand on the hillside:


As I was saying hello to one of the pastors it hit me that had my schedule not changed I would have missed preaching at this event. I’m so glad that God is orchestrating my itinerary.

I’m told this is a bit of a higher number of baptisms and it was hypothesized that recent events are causing people to realize their need for a relationship with God.

The newly baptized believers then received a Bible that I urged them to read daily.


What will it take for us to realize and act on that need for God?

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