Hostages: Ukraine part 3b

Even though other news events have shifted USA attention from what’s going on here in Ukraine, the crisis continues to develop.

EuroNews video on the flight from Donesk: click here

Part of the reason is an intensifying of the fighting. Yesterday either Russia or pro-Russian insurgents fired a battery of short range missiles at Ukrainian army positions and killed 19 soldiers. Ukrainian TV reported that military sources said the trajectory of the missiles may have been from across the border.

Meanwhile in Kyiv, military officials displayed an enormous quantity of Russian munitions captured from insurgents. These munitions included everything from AK-47s to large multi rocket launching systems.

I’ve heard stories that if people try to drive west out of Donesk they have to pay the pro-Russian insurgents to let them through. On friend told me of a cousin who was beaten and his car taken by these thugs.

Then there are the soldiers and journalists who were captured and are held for ransom. I’m told that teens from group home are being used as human shields.

Now we’re hearing that shots are being traded across the border. Meanwhile Merkel and Putin talk cease fire in Ukraine while Putin cheers for GER. If Putin wants a cease fire, why doesn’t he stop the incursion of his people. Merkel seems to be putting German industry and Russian trade over Ukrainian sovereignty.

Please pray for Ukraine.

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