For the several years I’ve been coming to Orahovica, the hill behind my colleagues house lay fallow. Weeds and grasses and wildflowers grew with no human tending. I’ve seen riders on horses, even in snow!

Yesterday morning when sitting in the back garden enjoying some coffee, scripture and prayer I noticed something different.



I asked Jeremy about it and he said they had planted it 3 weeks ago. It was really growing. “Rested ground produces fruit” was my response.

To strive in work to accomplish some ambition may be personally fulfilling for a season, but fruit from God comes from trusting in him enough to get biblical rest. Too many leaders are running around doing this and that and are running on empty because we refuse to rest, or when we do sit down, it is to catch up on what’s happening on Fb.

Ponder what our spiritual condition could be like if we would close the Fb app and invest that time in scripture and prayer. As the writer of Hebrews said: consider (make a careful study of, focus attention on) Jesus.

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