Happy (CEO) New Year!

July 1 begins CEO’s new ministry year and it’s appropriate that I begin the year riding trains.

One of the many things I love about my job is the travel. The more complicated the better.

For example, today I missed the train I planned to take. But yesterday when I bought my ticket the kind lady gave me a booklet of timetables for all the Lake Balaton trains (and ferries). So I found another train going to the same place 40 minutes later from another Budapest station. So I jumped on a train to that station. When I got there I learned that train was 50 minutes late. So, I saw a train going to a kind of hub city near the lake and jumped on.

My idea was that I might find a local train going to the lake and still be way early for the conference I’m speaking at this week. We will be studying Isaiah 53: Jesus the suffering servant.

So now I’m on a train that will take me all the way to my destination. I figured it out by using the guide and stepping out. Kind of like following Jesus, studying the Bible and stepping out behind him. Our “success” will depend on how closely we study and depend on him. Especially when things cause us to need 3 trains instead of 1. We just persevere, or as Paul said “press on” and seek the contentment he offers for the journey in this “new year.”

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One response to “Happy (CEO) New Year!

  1. Rebecca

    all this train hopping makes me nervous!…naturally. be safe – love you dad!

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