winter trip ’14 – almost finished

Almost finished. I’m checked in for tomorrow’s flights home. I checked in on line using the British Air app on my phone courtesy MAV railway free WiFi on the train to VAC. What a great time we live in for convenience.

Today has been a rule 1 day (bring no expectations). At 8 am my main meeting changed and shortened thus giving me 5 hours to myself. In Budapest. What a gift. Here’s how I felt as I went up to the castle…


Now I’m on one of only 3 solo train rides this trip. Looking bank with thanks to God is always a good thing.

These 19 days have flown by. They have been busy and productive (one can be busy without being productive and vice-versa). There have been many wonderful conversations and there was encouraging response to my teachings.

As I look back, I see that God had good things planned and details worked out that I couldn’t asked for or imagined. There are always things you wish you had gotten to but the unplanned awesome things on this trip are better than I could have planned. God’s just like that.

The other day I read about Jesus telling Peter to get behind him. Then he said “For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.” Read Matt. 16:21-23 to get the whole picture.

Life is full of unpleasant, hard, even tragic things that happen because of the fall or because God allowed or designed them. We don’t always understand (Peter didn’t) and sometimes/many times God has a greater plan in mind than we could ask or imagine.

Our job? Pray and believe.

Is our focus on God’s plan? Or ours?


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2 responses to “winter trip ’14 – almost finished

  1. Donna Davis

    bless your travels home!

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