shrinking the cross

I was excited to start “Gospel Centered Life”* with another friend on Tuesday. I always look forward to the journey through those 9 lessons because, even after going through it 30+ times, I am always drawn back to God.

At the beginning, we consider the concept of “shrinking the cross.” I had a new insight on that concept this morning… but I need to give a bit of background first.

The basis of these 9 conversations is the fact that we need to have a “growing awareness of our sinfulness” and a “growing awareness of God’s holiness.” If this is the case, the cross is growing in our awareness and therefore the importance of Jesus’ work gets larger and larger as time goes by…

cross chart

If our awareness of these two is not growing, we may have plateaued… then we “shrink the cross.” The cross is not looming larger in our lives, it is smaller or stagnant (which, it seems to me, if not growing, is shrinking)…

Shrinking the cross

This morning, I was praying and thinking about what it means to “shrink the cross” (as I see that I have been doing of late) and this is what occurred to me:

When my awareness of God has shrunk and my awareness of my sinfulness has shrunk, the cross is not as large as it was… maybe what is really going on is that as I have drifted way from God, I have tried to climb up on the cross and become the Savior.

Who are we trying to save anyway?

*This is an incredible 9 week journey published by World Harvest Mission LEARN MORE

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