I talk about rest a lot. The point I am often trying to make is that followers of Jesus need to rest in Him. We need to dwell in Him. Abide in Him, climbing into God’s lap is where it happens.

Today, in a great conversation with a brother in which we talked about a lot of cool stuff, two things came up. Those two things are prayer and effort.

Jesus often went away to pray, to invest time with His Heavenly Father.

If we do this, we will find His strength and wisdom, His mind to go out and do His will.

Which brings me to the word effort.

During this conversation we began talking about Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission. I grabbed my copy and read something like this: Effort is not the problem, earning is. See, to serve God takes effort. But to exert effort to try to earn favor (whether God’s or human’s favor – to me they are both very problematic) is going down a dead end.

The wise sequence is to trust and rest in God, get His will, wisdom and power, and then our effort can bring God glory. Otherwise, we tend to bring glory to ourselves, an unhealthy and unhelpful enterprise.

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