Do you think this is controversial???



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6 responses to “controversial???

  1. Bill Copeland

    So i am trying figure out what might be controversial about this video…

    • Tom Foley

      well, there is one response… clearly this reader thinks there is nothing controversial… but what about you?

  2. Tory

    I haven’t been able to watch all of it yet, only the first part where he is staying that unless there’s observable fruit/change in a person’s life, a person really shouldn’t assume or give them the assurance that they truly are a Christian. (I’m guessing that this is why ‘discipleship’ is so important.
    For me, I guess that IS rather controversial. First, I think it is more complicated when someone accepts Christ as a child. Are they really saved? I know for me, there was a lot of pressure to ‘do more’ and ‘show fruit’ and not always sure that that it truly was fruit borne of a relationship with Christ…. what if it was more me adhering to a set list of ‘do’s that I thought a Christian should do or believe? And, just because someone is slow to produce measurable change, does that mean that God is absent in their life and their conversion wasn’t ‘real’?
    Likewise, when I read Chan’s Crazy Love, his chapter on ‘lukewarm Christians” also made me think quite a bit. (chapter 4 I believe). I’m sure that some people really need to be challenged to look at their life, fruit and perhaps ‘lukewarmness’ but it really made me doubt if I could ever be assured of my salvation. It is hard to see your own fruit sometimes. It is hard when others take off, and you are still waiting, dormant.

    • This is a helpful comment Tory. Thanks for your honesty. In the minds of some, this is cut and dried, for others, not so much. As I think back to what these guys are saying, their (and my) concern is for the person who “gets saved” in an evangelistic context of some kind and that’s it. No discipleship, no growth, no real change, then they drift away… are they real?

      • Tory

        Sorry… I was a bit distracted and frazzled when I started to watch the video.
        Oh to that I absolutely agree. I don’t think it is enough or right to have a person go to a concert or event, pray ‘the prayer’ and then somehow think that’s enough. When I went on a drama/singing trip to the Ukraine in the very early ’90s with my church (we’d perform at venues) it was always in partnership with a local church (which my church also was a part of and taught the pastors) so the goal wasn’t to get them to fill out a slip declaring they were ‘saved’ but also connected with a local church.
        Definitely challenging to think that if we aren’t sharing our faith and making disciples that something is wrong.

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