keep your guard up

Need to re-blog this because I will be referring to it Sunday during my talk at CCC.

kingdom travelin'

On Monday afternoon I was on my way from Hungary to Croatia for the next leg of this trip. My first meeting was with a leader in orphan justice on the coast on Tuesday.

We had been in route for 4 hours. We were late and should have been at the border by now but were an hour or so away still. The train was crowded as there are literally thousands of young people traveling in Europe right now and this train takes people from Budapest to Lake Balaton and toward the Croatian coast. I was headed to Zagreb and my phone rang.

“Is this Tom Foley? I have found your wallet and passport!”

I heard the words, but they didn’t register. I asked her to text me the information because it was hard to hear on the train. It had not sunk in yet.

I had done something I…

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