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Why we’re here: to serve


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June 19, 2013 · 02:00

morning walk in Mossel Bay

For reasons of health in body and soul, I try to have a brisk walk at least 20 minutes every other day. Getting out in the morning during my visit here in Mossel Bay is a blessing as the beauty draws me to reflect on the beauty of God and also His immensity. Clearly these walks get slowed down by my camera taking in the landscape, it just jumps into my hand… here are this morning’s entries…





The next posts should be from work in the townships…

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I’ve just invested a few minutes updating my trip plan, log and answered prayers. CLICK HERE to read some details.

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while you are far away, distance can distort the way things are for people…


when you get up close, you see the way things really are…


and that matters because that’s where these kids live…

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whose people?

by popular request

kingdom travelin'

It’s Friday, we’re gonna make this early and short!

I read an article from a leader who talked about walking around the office and talking to his people. His people? That got me to thinking. As I thought about it, I began to see that the idea of talking about “my guys” is a way that I am endearing me in my own head to them. But, what am I really saying? Am I not giving my self credit that I don’t deserve? This is a top-down way of thinking. Is that a biblical way of thinking in the Kingdom of God? Maybe. Maybe not.

I once visited a school which had huge morale problems. The problems began at the top, the head principal had been rejected by the faculty in a vote (don’t ask) and his tenure began under a cloud. He kept his door closed most of the…

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in Mossel Bay, South Africa: inside a youth detention center, from the garden


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