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Memorial Day

On the last Monday of May each year Americans remember and honor the many, many thousands of men and women who had died while serving in our military. One source states that over 1.3 million have died in military service through our history.  I suppose that most of these men and women died fighting wars for our freedom, but not just for Americans, but also for the freedom for people from other nations.

arlington cemetary

On this day when many of us are taking a day off in the US, maybe we are doing projects around the house or maybe we are traveling, let’s take a moment or two to remember the many, many men and women who died for others, for us.

vietnam memorial

But let us remember all the men and women who have served and paid a great sacrifice: an arm, a leg, both legs, sleep, peace… so many have served, so many are hurting, let’s remember them too, on this Memorial Day 2013.

korean war

As Paul wrote to the Romans “Pay to all what is owed to them:… …honor to whom honor is owed.” (Romans 13:7 ESV)

To expand your understanding, PBS has an annual concert… learn more and watch HERE.

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screaming urgencies

As we begin the week on this Sunday, let’s think about putting important things in life ahead of the urgent. Let us not allow screaming urgencies to drown out the need to focus on the important.

Consider this tweet from yesterday:

Are attempts to be busy in ministry & achieve great things “for God” simply our attempt to compensate for a lack of personal depth with God?

In this question, ministry is urgent… and developing personal depth with God is important.

When ‘mission’ takes precedence over people, urgent has replaced important.

What urgency (screaming or quiet) in your life is crowding out important in your life.

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pulling the rug out

Getting the rug pulled out from under you is not a pleasant experience.

In the last few years I have had some friends who have had this experience. In each case I have found myself pretty upset on their behalf.

These were people committed to their cause and then, out of the blue, they were told that they didn’t fit any more.

It is my personal care for these people that keeps me from being objective. But I do have one question that I wish we’d consider before pulling the rug out on someone: Shouldn’t we recognize that there really is good in diversity? Didn’t God give a variety of gifts for complement instead of uniform?

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Don’t let your anthropomorphic and idiosyncratic view of God get in the way of your understanding of the reality of God.

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a spiritual discipline

try it

get into a place of solitude and say nothing

try 2 minutes at first

no phone

no screens

no conversations

set an alarm if you need to

Say to God “help me to have 2 minutes of silence”

breathe deeply, slowly

try to think of nothing

If you stray, try praying the Jesus Prayer silently “Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, Savior, have mercy on me.”

Try it daily for a week.

if you can do two minutes without too much distracting in-your-head-noise, try three minutes, four…

“Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, Savior, have mercy on me.”

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Suicide rate up – a reason

In an important article from the New York Times, an argument for deep community as an answer to many suicides warns about lonely people we should watch out for… Click here

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