Suicide rate up – a reason

In an important article from the New York Times, an argument for deep community as an answer to many suicides warns about lonely people we should watch out for… Click here

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One response to “Suicide rate up – a reason

  1. Tory

    It is not so easy to ‘find community’, especially later in life. The reality is by a certain time, people are already ‘full’…. they have their close friends, their ways of doing things, plans, etc. There is no room for more. And oftentimes those that are lonely and disconnected are that way for a reason….. they might not be the easiest persons to befriend and spend time with. Time is valuable, so ‘why not spend it with the folks you love and pour into your life?’ My point is it is not so easy to simply be a part of community. In fact, perhaps being in community, seeing everyone else part of it, makes one feel worse.

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