asking good questions – another perspective

I was on a train and I was reading when my phone rang.  I answered and had a brief conversation, put my phone away, took a sip of coffee and continued reading. After a couple of minutes, the other person in the compartment, a twenty something male spoke up…

“Are you English?”

“No, American, from Virginia, here on business. ” I answered heading off the next two questions. I smiled and returned to my reading.

“Oh, what do you do.” He pursued.

I finished the paragraph, mark and closed the book.

“I ride trains, drink coffee and ask questions.” I set my book aside and took another long sip.

The point of this obtuse answer is kind of a filter. How one responds to this will tell me where the conversation may go. My job then is to listen carefully to the inquisitor who has been very brave to begin a conversation. I will allow him a couple of questions which will then provide me with my own questions so that I can discern who this person is and how we may connect, if only for a few moments before one of us gets off the train.

An old friend is a college professor and he understands the importance of good questions. If you understand the importance of good questions, John Wilsey provides some good reminders HERE.




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2 responses to “asking good questions – another perspective

  1. Tory

    I suppose I don’t offer “good” questions…. which is a pity because I have so many! But lately I have brought them up less and less in my circles and my church. I once thought that it was because, really, only non-Christians are truly welcome to have questions; once you are a Christian for a few years you are either supposed to know everything or ’embrace the mystery’ of not knowing everything. But, perhaps the answer is simply that I don’t ask the right questions.

    Much to think on.

    • No one has all the answers.

      questions, doubts, uncertainties, arguments… these are human and normal… God is bigger than these, does not fear these and He longs for us to sit with Him, rest in Him, abide in Him so that we may find answers.

      As Calvin said, to take them to His lap.

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