dead fish

This is an adaption from an illustration I heard recently in church…

You and Jesus are walking down this path under the trees beside a river. At one point the path goes by a small patch of beach. There, on the beach is a dead fish. Jesus steps off the path to the wee bit of beach and picks up the fish. He looks at it with compassion and the the blows a long gentle breath on the fish. The fish begins to move and then is jumping around in Jesus hand.

Jesus steps into the river and lets the fish go where it will live and thrive… not on the bank where it was laying dead, he puts it in a place where it will thrive. He put back in water to live.

When Jesus breathes life into us, we need to get in the water so we can thrive and live. 

I suggest that the best water is the water of discipleship. If your community doesn’t make disciples, learn how and help your community get off the dry bank of church attendance and begin making disciples. Churches that are not engaged in the transforming work of biblical disciple-making are just dried up.

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  1. May He be gracious to us,,,and help us get back from where we have fallen,,, so that we can continue to grow,,,and build each other up!!! In His awesome presence IS fullness of joy,,, may His joy be your strength dear brother,,,,and may you be led in His peace,,,

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