character development

As one or two of you know, for a decade I have been working on a novel (chapters from an early draft exist somewhere on this blog – happy hunting if you care). The protagonist is a guy who works for a non-profit and is trying to help a group of people (NO, his name is not Tom – though I think I will make a cameo appearance on a train somewhere in the book). Enough of that.

After a long hiatus I have gotten back to work on this project thanks to encouragement from my wife and a former colleague who has become a writer. Of late, it has been interesting to watch the main character develop (his name, currently, is Scott).

It has been fascinating for me to see Scott develop and see the needs in his life. He is a follower of Jesus but… is struggling with his relationship with God and it shows in his decisions and the way he treats people. It struck me recently that he has many of the characteristics that drive me crazy about those of us who are leaders.

What he needs is to slow the heck down. He needs, what many call margin or boundaries. He needs to seek the counsel of wiser people than himself who are outside his immediate circle and listen to them before making decisions and above all, ABOVE ALL… he needs to slow down, connect to and listen to God more than 7 minutes a day (see an earlier post).

Character is not something we fix. Reading all the latest Gospel driven books, articles and blogs won’t do it UNLESS they drive us to abide in Jesus, soak in His word, and listen for his voice by waiting for him.

Today is Sunday.

Let’s all slow down and listen to God today.


Okay, be reminded of and meditate on some Biblical promises click here.

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