times change, progress or…

I received a call from a friend this afternoon, he is losing his job. 

He has faithfully served his employer for over a decade. A more helpful, encouraging soul one could hardly ask for. Indeed, as I reflect on his character, I realize what a Christlike character he has. Indeed, before I began thinking my way through this post, I had not really considered that before.

Consider the Fruit of the Spirit: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” Yup, these are a fair sketch of my friend. Oh, he is not perfect, far from it, none of us are. But if the fruit of the spirit is a measuring stick, he measures up better than I. 

Time rolls on and things change, companies change direction, institutions change course and, if you, as a member of that organization, don’t change with it, you may find that you have to step aside. It seems my friend will have to step aside. In the last few years this has happened to many people and happens around the world all day, every day… progress or…

It is a sad reality. For his character is such, that his soon-to-be former employer and all who are associated there will miss this kindly gentleman. Indeed, if ever I have met a gentleman, this friend certainly does befit the modern use of the term. He is truly a gentleman.

Sadly, my friend, who is about my age (you know, older than dirt) may have difficulty finding new employment with things being what they are in the world these days. I certainly hope this is not the case. Indeed I will be praying for him and I ask you to pray for my friend as well. Pray that God would give him trust and would provide for my friend. 

It was interesting, when he called, he was filled with such grace. As he told me the story, there was no harshness, no bitterness. I can’t say that about many people. I certainly know that can’t be said about me. Indeed, this friend may be one of the kindest souls I have ever met. 

In the annals of life my friend will go down as one who was kind and thoughtful, admired by many, beloved even.



Perhaps moreso than any human I have had the privilege to know during my years travelin’ this sod.

For my kind, beloved friend, as he begins a new chapter, I offer my prayers for a bright future and my profoundest respect for such a gentleman.


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3 responses to “times change, progress or…

  1. Mike Thornton

    Well said! Character and a godly spirit cannot be replaced. He will be missed and the institution will be less without him.

  2. Greetings! Bill starry

    Bill.starry in u s soirry of that loos I’m aware of this hurt note prayer will e forwarded bless the. Loss.
    Musician/ Drumm Player

  3. He graced our lives as well, and we speak of him fondly, though we don’t see him often. I pray the Lord has closed this door so He can open a greater one! Thank you, Tom, for a wonderfully written tribute to our friend.

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