home soon

Just updated the trip plan which is more a report of God’s faithfulness than anything else now. In 48 hours I will be in the air over the northern Atlantic headed home!

Here’s the final prayer letter:

Greetings from Budapest.

This will be my last update on this trip. I am grateful for your prayers. God has answered. He has shown himself faithful as always.

This faithfulness has been seen in the way he has met us along this journey. On numerous occasions he has worked through his people, through the Scripture and in the inexplicable.

When I had the flu in Zagreb, the timing was such that Anna was with me and we found a doctor, thanks to our Croatian partners, who spoke English and gave us peace of mind that it was just the flu. Though the hotel was full, we were able to keep our room for the extra day we needed. I’m always thankful for God’s excellent sense of timing.

Your prayers for the March Gathering of our ministry partners were answered, as these dear friends who serve so faithfully had a weekend of rest and encouragement.

Your prayers for the pastors retreat were answered as these brothers came away with a sense of rest and the reminder of God’s grace. One of these brothers and I have begun a disciple relationship using Gospel Centered Life. He and I are planning my visit to his city in Serbia in July.

This week we were blessed that Ruslan, who is one of CEO’s ministry partners from Ukraine, who is an expert in developing ministry partnerships to benefit orphans, came to speak to Hungarians who are interested in orphan ministry last night. It was a positive first step in a conversation geared toward developing further collaboration in Hungary.

Faithfulness in provision, faithfulness in open ministry doors, that is our God. Of course there have been lots of good conversations and a fair amount of preaching! I am grateful for the opportunities He gives us.

Thank you for your prayers to our faithful God!

I head home in two days. Please keep up the prayer support as the last days are always packed with last minute meetings, packing, teaching and preparing.

Peace from Grace,


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