a conversation with Phillip Yancy at ETF

This afternoon I was treated to being present for day two of the book exhibition where the panel included Phillip Yancey.

Before the event…


two priests, one catholic and one  orthodox shared a thought at a book table.

The presentation turned out to be all Q&A. It was interesting to hear the answers to the questions of common folks.

One young American collegian, who just happened to be in town, asked about the how he handles the criticism that is received because of subjects like homosexuality in his books. From that I heard these two thoughts:

“It doesn’t take much grace to be around people who look like us, smell like and act like us.”

“As a free lance writer, if I am being criticized from both sides of an issue like this, I’m okay.”

Another question that brought a good question, why is pain a gift?

“The solution for pain is not to remove it. The solution for pain is to redeem it.”


When asked about writing his column, he likened it to writing a blog and even encouraged such, thanks Phillip.

Afterward, he was gracious and signed books, the lady pictured here was showing Yancy her son’s recent test results with great pride, Yancy showed real grace.


Now, which book should I read?


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4 responses to “a conversation with Phillip Yancy at ETF

  1. Victor

    you would love The Jesus I Never Knew

  2. Lea Coppage

    Soul Survivor is Doug’s favorite. Then he mentioned a couple more titles, and then he said, “Heck, read all of them. Find out which is *your* favorite.”
    DPC:lhc 🙂

  3. Janice

    I liked The Bible Jesus Read and What’s So Amazing About Grace.

  4. My favorites are The Jesus I Never Knew and What’s So Amazing about Grace…… both excellent.

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