A breather to begin the Balkan Loop


Whew… this is a great breather… been goin pretty long and busy for the last few days… so ridin the train from Budapest to Szeged to begin the Balkan Loop* has been a good time of sitting back and reflecting. So I thought to write this post and catch up a bit, hopeful that I’ll get logged into some wifi in Szeged to put this post up.

In the last days we have really seen God answer prayers through details in Kathryn’s housing, acclamation to life in Bp & immigration processing. When I read Deuteronomy I’m always reminded that God cares about details. It is blessed to experience His hand of provision through so many kind Hungarians.

There were good acquaintances made last night at the Bridge…


*I keep referring to the Balkan Loop. If you don’t follow my progress in the Trip Plan (find previous post for link) you will wonder ‘what the heck is the Balkan Loop?’ Well, today I am heading to Serbia via Szeged, I’ll be in Subotica for a day and then south to Srebrenica, Bosnia via Beograde. In Serbia I will be hanging out with friends in the Kingdom and try to be an encouragement.

In Srebrenica (if this name is new to you, see my Youtube video on ‘revtomtravels’ channel) I will seek to encourage believers and gather information for a development project possibility. Then I’m off to Sarajevo to pray for this mostly Muslim city and perhaps encourage a new follower of Jesus.

Then I’m off to Mostar (new to me) to meet Jeremy who will bring me to hang out with his family for a couple of days on the Croatia coast.

My next destination will be Osijek via Zagreb. I covet prayers for our growing partnership with the Bible college and seminary there. I look forward to good conversations with our folks there.

Finally, I’ll head back to Bp.

Please pray that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart would be acceptable to God. Pray too for my Sweet Anna who is back home.

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Hopefully this will post when I arrive in Szeged.

Peace from Grace.

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One response to “A breather to begin the Balkan Loop

  1. Tory

    Praying for you!

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