a prayer for spring

O living God – Father, Son and Spirit, I do pray for you to strengthen your saints, your children, who have been bought and paid for and rest secure in your great love.
O loving Lord, on this first day full of spring, all around us there is news of war, rebellion, earthquakes and great waves which bring death by the tens of thousands. Let us look to you with hope in your great love and know that you have promised us never to leave us or forsake us.
Awesome Provider, help us to face fear with thanksgiving.
O sweet Saviour, do not let us forget that you have paid the price for us. Help us never to forget that we are to build up our treasure in Heaven and not on this earth.
Almighty God, when the earth rocks and the sea opens up, the markets crash and our income shrinks, help us, we pray, to remember that you are with always with us and help us trust in you.
Maker of Heaven and Earth, please remind us that now is the moment we have and that we need to live for you today and leave tomorrow for then, for as you said, tomorrow has enough worries of its own. Teach us to face worry with faith.
God of kindness and justice who leads us to repentance, let us look to our neighbor who has yet to meet you and help us learn his name that we may be able to introduce him to you.
Oh God, help us not fear earthly calamities, but use us instead as bringers of hope so that they may ask us why we can have such hope in you when destruction is all around us.
LORD, on this first full day of spring, where you are showing new life in your creation, give us great faith to trust in you in all things at all times.
In the name of He who came and defeated death and has given us everlasting life.

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