Saving Leonardo

“What is today a matter of academic speculation begins tomorrow to move armies and pull down empires.” Pearcey quotes Machen on p. 251 of her mammoth rethinking of How Shall We Then Live what she failed to predict that updates and Tweets would replace the philosophies of professors.

As Schaeffer took us through history until his time to consider where we had come from the Roman age, Pearcey takes us through a more systematic philosophical approach. It is rich with examples and analysis, sometimes too rich. It is like reading a textbook but goes a bit deeper, at times just as wearisome.

It is analytical, to a fault. Indeed, dare I use a system she borrows from Schaeffer?



Yet, this is an important work that should be used widely, indeed it is evangelicalism at its best. But perhaps that is its biggest letdown. The second biggest let down is, in my thinking, a failure to discuss social networking other than as anecdote. No, Egypt had not yet happened, but this is, in such a work, by such an esteemed author, a discussion that needed to happen. Perhaps in a later edition, oh and an index.

I’m looking forward to a discussion this Tuesday with the Bible faculty of Covenant School to see what I missed that they caught.

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