quick phone call or going for coffee?

Relationships are hard work… every relationship is hard work… especially our relationship with God. Statistics about about people in God’s service failing to spend time with God. I recently read a book what told of a survey that most pastors are so busy that the only time they are in the Bible is when they prepare for preaching. In my travels I ask people about his and I find that more often than not, it is true that we are not investing time. One of my friends does not like to talk on the phone, if you want to talk to him, you must schedule a time to sit down with him to have a talk. Now, this is a bit extreme, but there is an important thing we can learn from this guy, to schedule a time to go for coffee indicates how serious you are about the relationship. Making a quick phone call to see how someone is or ask them for something is fine, but as I think about it, I realize that there needs to be much more if there is to be a good relationship. We need to make time to build relationships.

I know from my own experience that my relationship with God is like this. I can spend my day throwing up quick prayers of need for help or even of thanks, but if I want a relationship with God where I hear from Him, I need to make a time to go for coffee with Him, where He is the sole focus of my attention. This is tough to do sometimes, but the result will be a deeper relationship that will bring peace to our heart. I’m not suggesting that the phone calls are bad, its that they are not enough. So, go for coffee, have a long talk with the Being that knows you best and really does have your best interest in mind.

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