I was talking to a friend today about my weekend in Serbia. We talked about how some folks in ministry talk about numbers a lot, some organizations base their “success” on how many people they baptize. It occurred to me that in the last three Sundays I spoke to about 500 people then about a hundred and then to 6. It’s hard to gauge a crowd in the hundreds, hard even so see what fifty people are doing with what is being taught, but with six, you can kinda tell if the word is getting to the heart. So, for those who are sitting with a dozen (like the man from Nazareth focused on) you will have an advantage over the guy standing on a platform looking out to a sea of faces, as you teach those dozen or 6 or whatever, you can see their eyes and see if they are tracking with you. How many should you have in your group? No more than you can shepherd. And remember please that shepherding requires conversations.

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