a different gathering today

It occurred to me to distinguish between the gathering on Friday and the gathering I will attend today.

Many people who were of really diverse backgrounds gathered to observe and listen (like me). Others gathered to, well, this is a statement of observation, not a judgment… worship. Much like many more did in football stadiums around the nation yesterday.

In the case of Friday night, some ‘worshiped’ a man, a president, and as such, purportedly the most powerful man in the world, at least until Jan. 20, 2013 or perhaps until 2017. But then what? My point is that we are easily caught up in worship of human figures, political, sport and even, ourselves.

But each week across the planet for almost 2000 years, people have gathered, in tiny groups and huge throngs, to worship He who came to bring real Peace and real victory, peace and victory that lasts forever. This peace and victory will last beyond the next election cycle and sports season.

This worship is of the eternal God who came to bring everlasting compassion and love, peace and victory, his name (which was almost mentioned Friday night) is Jesus.

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