open gym

[this is our fourth story of hope]

At about four in the afternoon on Mondays, the gym in a northwest Budapest high school is unlocked and comes alive as a dozen or so students shoot baskets and play basketball. This open gym is sponsored by their English teacher, Matt. In his first year of teaching conversational English, Matt came up with this novel (in Hungary) idea to connect with his students in this fun way. His goal in Budapest is to do a good job teaching English to his students and to befriend them and as opportunity allows, to show them what it means to live as a follower of Jesus. He is not a preacher, he is there to live and teach and be a model of what a follower of Jesus is like. Huh, that’s what all Christians are supposed to do… … anyway, if you’re in Budapest on a Monday afternoon and have your gym shoes on, go see if you can get picked to be on one of the teams in a pick up game. And if you’d like to make a difference in the lives of some teenagers who would really profit from your talents and interests, learn more about teaching English with us in Budapest at

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