a stone in a pond

[stories of hope: part three]

In southern Hungary, most Friday nights, in a university town, there is a gathering of English speaking students, researchers, teachers and other kind of folks who share a meal, pray, and discuss how Jesus and Scripture are relevant to life, how Jesus changes life for the better, how to connect to Jesus and how to help one another do these things. This group is the result of the vision and effort of a woman who poured nine years of her life into Szeged. As I look around at what is happening to bring the Gospel to the students of this city, I know that the faithfulness of God working through this one teacher, Arden, was a huge catalyst in making things happen.

It is because of her vision, persistent serving and teaching, and her faithful mentoring that several of the leaders of the city are engaged in working with students. She would never want credit for anything accomplished, her humility wouldn’t allow it. But as one who watched the development of ministry in this city for a dozen years, I know that Arden is the stone that God dropped into this pond. I know that the ripples in this pond are the impact of her faithfulness in reaching out to the hearts of Szeged’s students and that those ripples continue today.

It is not necessarily her training, her intelligence, even her deep and ever growing spirituality or faithfulness that made such ripples when God dropped her in the Szeged pond. No, I contend that it was her willingness. Are you willing?

If you have such a willing heart, if you are willing to be dropped into a pond and cause some ripples which God will use to change lives and even cultures to bring them hope, why not prayerfully consider joining us in serving God on the field. Learn more at http://www.ceokids.org, click here.

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