football coach

here in the ‘ville, the local college football coach is, apparently, in trouble… the big news is that tomorrow may be his last game… he has another two years on his contract at the local college… to the tune of two million dollars per year… so, think about this… this coach, who has been unsuccessful for some time now (read more here), may be all set to get bought out of his contract, the local TV news says there are alumni of the local college ready to write the checks necessary to buy this fellow out of his contract… where is the justice? where, I ask you? Why does a guy who cannot get the job done, get four million dollars to stop working? yes, I know, the contract must be honored, I get that… but where is the justice? There must at least be a spiritual principle at work here, mustn’t there?


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2 responses to “football coach

  1. Megan

    the only principle at work here is capitalism, my friend.

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