Black Friday and a good cause

Today is the day when American stores “go into the black” (they begin making money). Many stores operate “in the red” until the Christmas shopping season. The big rush at the end of the year is what pushes many of them into profitability.

Here’s a thought. If you are one of those who saved a ton of money on Black Friday by taking advantage of big sales, why not donate some of those savings to a worthy cause???

Want a cause suggestion? How bout needy children in Eastern Europe?

Early this month, at one of the children’s homes CEO supports, I met a four year old girl who along with her seven year old sister had been picked up by the police. They had used a brick to break into a bread store, they were caught sitting on the floor eating bread. The police identified them, found their mother, and she turned them over to social services. She has huge substance abuse problems and couldn’t care for these kids anymore. Social Services called the leader of 2nd Chance homes and now these two girls are well fed and cared for in a group home. They are clean, have good clothes, their own beds with toys and full tummys. Christian Educators Outreach is a supporter of this work to bring justice to the lives of hurting kids like this. You can help us them them with some of your Black Friday savings. To learn about joining our cause, click here.

I am thankful for you.

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