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looking back

I was sitting this morning in the computer lab at school while students typed papers… I had finished all of my urgent stuff and was contemplating the header pic (above – the Duna river (how do you get Danube from Duna?) and the lights of Budapest at sundown). I was thinking about the city, its people, my visits, the people I have taken around this amazing place. I gradually looked over the places on the pic from “my kingdom” up to Buda Castle, down to Citadella, across the chain bridge and then to Parliament, when I got to Parliament, somehow I was reminded of the memorial to the Holocaust there on the bank of the Duna… I searched and found the post from the only time I have visited this memorial… I think that, looking back, it is among my most poignant memories from kingdom travelin’ click here to see it… This, I think, is a fitting 700th post, looking back over the memories, thinking about the people, knowing that He has never given up on any of us, knowing that His heart breaks over the injustice that exists even in such an amazingly beautiful place.

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a brief journey

from the ‘ville through Lynchburg, Roanoke and then up to Natural Bridge and then through Buena Vista onto the Blue Ridge Parkway down into SW Nelson County where we found Crabtree Falls… amazing… check it out…


OH, I forgot the camera, these were taken on my Palm Treo…

Sweet Anna in the Volvo







look not just in the foreground, but waaaaay up the mountain near the top right…


on our way down we got a pic…


then on the way home a stop for coffee…


there it is… post number 699…

I might take a break for a while to think about #700…

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post 698: “longing for Budapest”

This is my 698th post. I note this now, ‘cuz I’ll get to the landmark post #700 and not even realize it. I think I’m getting as bad as Laci, changing the header all the time…

But, this header is special. I found it looking for pix of the Coppages (none yet, L, sorry). I shot this from the spot where Margit Hid turns and there is that little balcony thing at the tram stop, you know it, right?… I stood there shooting pix for a while my last Sunday night… I was racing (I enjoy races using public transport there) anyway, I was racing the sunset after getting off the train from Pecs at Deli PU, this pic really makes me long for Budapest…

I should import the whole thing here for future when I switch the header yet again:

"longing for Budapest"

now to travel to Roanoke…

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my favorite season

It’s autumn, and it is my favorite season… I love the changing colors of the trees, the cooling temperatures… Covenant home football games (the above header pic was taken last weekend from Doc and my spot on the 50 as we announce the games), the smoothing out of the school year and Thanksgiving break!!!! Winter is coming – crisp cold mornings and snow days!!!!!

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hey gmail friends, now there is video!!!!!

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It is POURING rain outside today! Fall and winter remind me that spring is coming… there are buds on some shrubs already which promise of new life…

Paul reminds us that we are dead to the old life and should put off the old ways and put on the new… I am glad for the Holy Spirit to move in us and enable us to put off the old and put on the new!

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